Design, Prototyping, Production


Lightguide Systems has expertise and facilities capable of producing a wide range of custom and semi-custom fiber optic, optical, and electronic equipment, including:

  • Electronic Circuit Design Facilities

  • Electronic Test and Data Acquisition Equipment

  • Electronic and Mechanical Assembly Capabilities

  • Fiber Optic Termination Equipment

  • Fiber Optic Test Equipment

And now…

We now have Surface Mount Technology placement and soldering capability. Our reflow oven has been in use for four years, and we have just started our new Pick and Place machine:

 This allows not just custom design, but cost-effective assembly for quantities from one-off to 100.


Many industrial communications applications can benefit from semi-custom or custom equipment specifically designed for the situation. Special distance options, capacity requirements, physical size, or network configurations may not be met by off the shelf equipment. In addition, equipment designed specifically for an application is often lower cost than standard solutions.

On Going Support

Lightguide Systems has over a decade of experience in fiber optics design, installation, and testing. We can provide assistance in the installation phases of the project as well as verify the performance of the installed fiber.

Our Experience

Lightguide Systems Inc. has completed a wide range of projects in the fiber optic, optics, and electronics fields. Four systems developed solely by Lightguide Systems are listed below. In addition we work closely with several clients assisting them with specific aspects of R&D.


FL-20 Fiber optics communication system  
Description   Custom designed analog communications over fiber optics for instrumentation links  
Benefits   Long distance capability, noise immune, very stable, infrequent calibration  
Design goals   Simple, reliable, cost effective transmission of d.c. to 50kHz analog signals over fiber  
Technology   Analog to digital, digital to analog conversion; 6 Megabit/sec fiber optics transmission  


MM-8 Multimode Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
Description   First fiber optic OTDR to use laptop PC for user interface
Benefits   More features at a lower cost for locating faults and measuring loss in fibers
Design goals   Flexible, easy to use design; convenient storage of measurements for later printing; high resolution display; low relative cost; portable (battery) operation
Technology   Microprocessor design and programming; fiber optics laser and receiver; A/D, D/A conversion; high speed timing circuits; RS- 232 interface; software



Custom rotational speed monitor
Description   Monitors cycling of rotational speed in test setup from 1000 rpm to 100,000 rpm
Benefits   Prevents either waste of time testing if speed doesn’t cycle, or destruction of parts if speed is stuck at high RPM
Design goals   Provides an alarm signal if the speed stops cycling
Technology   Microprocessor design and programming; high speed timing circuits; software



CS110 Waterproof Inspection Camera
Description   Waterproof camera system for inspecting plumbing drains
Benefits   Allows non-destructive inspection
Design goals   Provide high quality picture in tough environment
Technology   Multiple LED light source; solid state video camera


We have also completed other projects in the areas of fiber communications equipment, fiber test systems, electronic data acquisition systems, Bluetooth modules, smart phone apps, and optical measurement systems. Call or email us for further details.