Innovation at the intersection of three key areas


Global knowledge and technological capability has never been greater – is your organization keeping up?

Lightguide Systems Inc. specializes in designing and implementing products and solutions that improve your operations. We do this through capitalizing on the latest developments in technology, applying these technologies to existing problems and taking advantage of new developments to increase capabilities and decrease costs. Lightguide Systems has produced a number of unique products and software, some for production, some custom designed for internal use by clients.

Our goal is to create innovative solutions that improve your metrics. We use our unique mix of expertise – 30 years of technology development, process and systems work, and skills at helping people identify and clarify their needs – and work with you to identify technology solutions that make sense for your organization and your people.

In many cases people and organizations miss out because they don’t have time. No time to analyze current situations, to investigate new approaches, to explore technological solutions, or to learn new techniques. Lightguide Systems can help here, too. With an extensive background in People, Systems, and Technology our only goal is to create innovative solutions that improve your metrics.

If yours is a…

  • Technology focus: {Technology skills} Our expertise supplements yours; our people work with your people. We integrate into your team.  {Systems} Your most valuable asset – your people – have knowledge and approaches they don’t even recognize. We help identify these and work with you to create documented, repeatable processes and systems. {People skills} Your employees are smart, and they are still people. We have significantly increased both individual and group performance for clients with short, practical workshops on problem solving, troubleshooting, and communications.
  • Medium sized organization: {Systems} You are growing and evolving – it is by design or default? Now is the time to look at your processes and technology to see if they will carry you into the future.
  • Product design/manufacturing (hardware and/or software): {Technology skills, People skills) We’ve been there, designing world leading test equipment. Now we use our knowledge of people’s styles to help you design interfaces that are intuitive and desirable.

For all organizations: Investing a modest amount of time and money to look at how the pieces fit together, and what innovations might improve your operations, will pay off. In fact, we guarantee it. We won’t propose solutions which won’t deliver value – and if they don’t, you won’t pay. Innovation is defined as applying new, important solutions to meet requirements or unarticulated needs. Our processes ensure they also meet with acceptance by your people – as they are practical, logical, respect their intelligence, and improve their situation. Don’t you think that people will be more willing to adopt new systems and new technologies that they actually want to use?