Questions to ask...

Are You Contemplating Fiber Optics Training?

Some questions you may want to consider...


  • Is the instructor a professional instructor, or is this a sideline for them?
  • Does the instructor have a formal education in fiber optics - physics and/or engineering?     
  • Conversely, does the instructor also have field experience or is all their knowledge theoretical?     
  • Does the training company spend time prior to the course to help you assess your training needs?     
  • Is the training generic or does it only cover one manufacturers' products and techniques?     
  • Will the training include the important principles of fiber optics or is it all product focussed?     
  • Will the training thoroughly cover important issues such as fiber optic testing?     
  • Is the training customized for your company to maximize the return on the time your employees are spending in the training?     
  • Is the instructor familiar with your particular industry, application, and challenges?     
  • How long has the instructor been teaching and how many courses has he/she presented?     
  • Is the training company independent of products or do they have an interest in selling you products?