Introducing SlideTracker version 2: The revolutionary new approach to curling training.

Advances in technology have allowed significant improvements in the operation and ease of use of SlideTracker. We have listened to feedback from those who tried the original SlideTracker, and addressed the shortcomings that were identified.

What is SlideTracker?

SlideTracker provides you with valuable feedback so you can improve your consistency and control - and make shot after shot, at every weight.
Key features:

  • measures distance, speed, and times
  • instant audio feedback using headphones while you are sliding
  • stores your practice results for later analysis on a computer
  • attaches quickly and easily to your broom or stabilizer
  • doesn’t affect your sliding or delivery

SlideTracker 2

SlideTracker helps you practice sliding most effectively. By measuring only sliding speed, it reduces the temptation to push or drag the rock to make a shot. A key

aspect of the delivery is the push out of the hack. SlideTracker helps you develop the “muscle memory” necessary for consistent shooting.

During the slide, SlideTracker rolls on the ice and measures distance and time. The audio tells you speeds and/or times such as back line-to-hog or tee line-to-hog. (These times are a valuable reference if you use a stopwatch during competition.)

Improvements in SlideTracker 2: 

The biggest change is that SlideTracker2 now works in conjunction with your smart phone. This means:

  • vastly easier setup and operation through screen and button navigation - set up SlideTracker so you get the feedback you want
  • instant display of all times and speeds on the SlideTracker2 screen - quickly see the most helpful information
  • much improved voice quality on the selected time and/or speed announcements - easier to understand

Here is a photo of the display after two slides. Times and speeds from the current slide and previous slide are shown.

SlideTracker screen results

The smart phone is typically worn on your forearm in a convenient case:

SlideTracker arm band

SlideTracker curling slide

SlideTracker also displays a graph of your sliding speed on your smart phone:

SlideTracker curling slide display




SlideTracker version 2 also has:

  • instant graphing of your sliding speed - are you steady and consistent?
  • time offset adjustment so you can calibrate your sliding times and compare to standard stopwatch times - practise the weights you will use in games
  • instant comparision of your current slide measurement to your last - check for consistency and control, analyze where you could improve
  • wireless Bluetooth operation eliminates wires between SlideTracker2, the phone, and wireless headphones - much easier to setup and use
  • full control over time and speed announcements
  • now you can email saved slide data, and view in a spreadsheet - no special computer software needed


Here's why you need SlideTracker:

On your own...
  • the audio feedback as you slide gives you immediate biofeedback, allowing you to practice both consistency and speed out of the hack
  • the file storage allows you to review your practice later
  • speed measurement permits you to compensate for variable ice conditions when practicing
As a coach...
  • with a compact speaker, you and your student can hear the audio feedback - allowing you to observe and explain the results
  • instant display, comparison to last slide, and storage of results gives a record of progress of both consistency and control over weight
  • you can analyse and track team member similarities & differences
With a coach...
  • set up drills with your coach that you can then practice on your own
  • learn how ice conditions affect sliding and delivery
  • tune your delivery to your particular ability, body, and style


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