SlideTracker curling slide speed practise device

The revolutionary new approach to curling training.

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SlideTracker provides you with valuable feedback so you can improve your consistency and control - and make shot after shot, at every weight.
Key features:
-measures distance, speed, and times
-instant audio feedback using earbuds while you are sliding
-stores your practise results for later analysis on a computer
-attaches quickly and easily to your broom or stabilizer
-doesn’t affect your sliding or delivery

SlideTracker helps you practice sliding most effectively. By measuring only sliding speed, it reduces the temptation to push or drag the rock to make a shot. A key aspect of the delivery is the push out of the hack. SlideTracker helps you develop the “muscle memory” necessary for consistent shooting.

During the slide, SlideTracker rolls on the ice and measures distance and time. The audio tells you maximum speed and either speed at one second intervals, or times such as back line-to-hog or tee line-to-hog. (These times are a valuable reference if you use a stopwatch during competition.)

Internal file storage allows you to connect to a computer via USB and iPad via bluetooth for more detailed analysis and graphing of speed and time.

Actual display when connected to a computer:   Watch the video here

Computer display

On your own...
  • the audio feedback as you slide gives you immediate biofeedback, allowing you to practice both consistency and speed out of the hack
  • the file storage allows you to review your practise later
  • speed measurement permits you to compensate for variable ice conditions when practising
As a coach...
  • with a compact speaker, you and your student can hear the audio feedback - allowing you to observe and explain the results
  • computer display and storage gives a record of progress of both consistency and control over weight
  • integration with Curl Coach software via bluetooth
  • you can analyse and track team member similarities & differences
With a coach...
  • set up drills with your coach that you can then practise on your own
  • learn how ice conditions affect sliding and delivery
  • tune your delivery to your particular ability, body, and style


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