Lighting for Buildings

Lighting technology has advanced at a rapid pace in recent years. First the compact fluorescent bulb has improved to overcome many of it's early limitations with respect to start up time and light colour.  Fluorescent tubes have also seen large improvements - did you know you can now purchase or retrofit dimmable fluorescent tube fixtures?

LED lighting has improved in efficiency, brightness, and colour and dramatically dropped in price. An LED bulb that used to cost $100 now costs $10.  With a lifetime specified as 25,000 hours or potentially 10 years,  the biggest savings for business is potentially the cost of physically replacing bulbs with shorter lifetimes.

The  many options available with both fluorescent and LED bulbs mean that decisions about colour temperature, beam spread,  fixture spacing, and lumens per bulb are all important for proper lighting design  and maximum productivity.

Over the years, we have completed design and measurement in a wide range of lighting situations, including designing and constructing this custom, high efficiency, 48 LED fixture for a grand entrance hall:

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Improvements in design, efficiency, and control of daylighting options (typically tubes that guide light from the roof into the building, see below) have made natural lighting more practical. Coupled with automatic LED backup for cloudy days or at night these systems reduce lighting costs while providing the pleasant experience of full spectrum lighting.

Daylighting tube