Energy Supplies

It is said that we live in an information economy.  But the information economy and the manufacturing economy before it were built on abundant supplies of inexpensive energy.  Despite recent discoveries and production of unconventional energy sources such as shale gas, shale oil, and the oil sands, there is no denying that the era of cheap and plentiful energy will sometime come to an end - likely sooner than most people think.

The energy industry is built on the status quo. Energy producers and distributors - be it oil, natural gas or electricity - are comfortable making long term projections based on the past. It is an industry that is inwardly focused, often to the exclusion of crucial outside viewpoints. If they are your source of information, you may not only be blindsided by their omissions, you might miss out on valuable new opportunities.

Randy Park follows and analyzes energy supply and demand issues and the often obscure interrelationships between oil, natural gas, electricity, renewables, hydrogen, transportation, and the economy. Randy cuts through the spin, delusions, and just plain fantasies that are all too common in the energy picture. His presentations are interactive and entertaining. You won’t look at your energy situation the same way again.

Professional speaker and author Randy Park is a "thought provoker." With "Decision Advancement" he has worked with corporations and associations to deliver Better Decisions, Faster Solutions, and Fewer Mistakes.  As both a physicist and an expert in how people think and make decisions, Randy provides you with the technical information as well as the strategic tools that you need to understand and plan for your energy situation.

One of Randy's strengths is his skill at tacking complex technical topics and presenting them in a way that everybody can understand. As an example, look at this video clip from 2007 where Randy uses an animated graphic to explain the decline of oil supplies:

Youtube video, viewed over 145,000 times

"Randy's presentations are "Down to Earth" refreshing. His latest presentation "Energy Predicament" was truly thought provoking, making us all aware that our limitless thirst and consumption of fossil fuel, may soon have to come to a screeching halt unless there is change. Randy was able to present this serious subject in a very entertaining way."
Jack A. Vincent, Sage Metering Inc.

"Randy Park has been our keynote and guest speaker on several occasions. His presentations have always been inspiring, informative and very worthwhile. During his most recent session with our group, Randy's presentation covering our "Energy Predicament" was not only thoroughly enjoyable, but also very thought provoking. Two-thumbs-up for Randy Park.”
Wally Nickel, ISA Hamilton.

"Many thanks for your interesting and thought provoking talk on the energy situation both locally and worldwide.As you know I have worked in the energy industry throughout my career and am well aware of the need for conservation.What did escape was the realization that some of the proposed solutions and alternate fuels could be problematic in themselves."
Frank Allison