Testing services

Lightguide Systems has over a decade of experience in fiber optics design, installation, and testing. We can perform or assist with many of the tests you require on new or previously installed fiber systems.


If you are having someone else test a fiber system for you, especially if the testing organization is the same one that installed your system, you may want to consider using us to help supervise the testing procedures. This could include our being present while sample tests are conducted, or writing out known test procedures for your contractor to follow, since fiber tests are next to useless without a record of how the equipment was actually connected. We will work with you to ensure the quality of testing meets your requirements.

On Going Support

In many cases, fiber test results (especially OTDR traces) need some interpretation to understand. We have worked with clients to analyze test results, interpret their significance, and in some cases lobby for re-work where necessary. Our experience with all types of fiber systems provides the confidence that when you sign off on the tested system, it will meet your expectations.