Communications design

Lightguide Systems Inc. has performed fiber communications system design work for a wide diversity of projects. This design work has included:

  • Fiber System Topology
  • Fiber Loss and Dispersion Design
  • Physical Fiber Design - Fiber Count and Routes
  • Fiber Routing, Splice Locations and Specifications, Enclosures
  • Terminal Equipment Specification

These projects have encompassed many physical layouts and communications formats. Some sample systems:

Cable Distribution Inc., Quebec Review of fiber cable TV system
Exhibition Place, Toronto Design of high speed fiber optics network
Highway 401 Freeway Traffic Management design New topology design for Freeway Traffic Management System fiber system
Extension of Highway 401 FTMS All fiber optics design work
North York Hydro feasibility study Cost comparison of fiber optics vs. leased lines to link four NYH sites. Also cost estimates of fiber to the home.